Turner Aviation Manufacturing

Industrial Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzle Products

Turner Aviation's manufacturing division provides a wide range of manufacturing and component refurbishment services to Aviation and Industrial markets under our ISO 9001:2000 approval.

Current manufacturing activities include:

  • Manufacture, assemble and test of fuel nozzles assemblies and component parts for large frame industrial gas turbines including DLN components
  • Overhaul of Fuel nozzle assemblies for large frame industrial gas turbines
  • Liquid testing of fuel components
  • Sonic nozzle gas flow testing
  • AOG machining and welding support service to major UK aircraft operators.

Turner Aviation has a policy of maintaining processes in-house in order to control quality, cost and lead times. We can offer the following services in-house:

  • MIG, TIG & Oxy Acetylene Welding to CAA / Lloyds approval standard.
  • Full NDT (Level 3 approval held on site) Dye Penetrant and MPI.
  • Paint shop
  • Flow testing

Turner Aviation is committed to an aggressive investment programme that will allow us to enhance our current operations as well as developing our existing capability into new products and markets. This investment will include the upgrading of technology in all areas of our business.